Anti-Frizz Repair Shampoo 200 ml


Anti-Frizz Repair Shampoo 200 ml


EXO KERATIN Anti-Frizz repair Shampoo is an innovative shampoo formulated with cashmere keratin and arginine that extends the result of Brazilian hair straightening. This shampoo gently cleanses hair, without attacking hair fibers. Hair is shiny, soft and protected.
-For all hair types
-0% formaldehyde
-0% parabens

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Usage :
Apply on wet hair, rinse and then apply Anti-Frizz Repair Conditioner for optimal results.

Main actives :
-Cashmere keratin : rare ingredient, cashmere keratin is a powerful straightening agent, gentle on hair fibers, that makes hair shine
-Arginine: amino acid that reinforces hair fibers and stimulates hair growth


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