Best Brow Pomade – Dark Brown

Best Brow Pomade – Dark Brown


Natural and well-groomed brows are essential even in the complete absence of makeup. The correct shape and a properly chosen shade will make the face looking more expressive.


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Brow Pomade is an indispensable product in your cosmetic bag. With it you can fill in the “gaps” and draw the missing hairs, make the shape clear and expressive.

Best Brow Pomade is available in 3 universal shades: Taupe, Medium Brown and Dark Brown.

You will appreciate:

– high pigmentation and firmness;

– excellent fixation;

– the creamy texture that allows you to easily shade the pigment and vary the color intensity;

– convenient form of the pomade – its delivery through a special mesh allows you to control the amount of product, and also protects it from external contaminants.

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