Natural CC Cream SPF 15 | Color Correcting Cream


Natural CC Cream SPF 15 | Color Correcting Cream


The Natural CC Cream is a natural tinted face cream that not only conceals imperfections and evens the complexion like a classic foundation but also protects your skin and brings it necessary vitamins. The CC Cream is particularly suitable for mature skins, since it is anti-ageing while offering natural coverage. Hypoallergenic, it contains 2 organic actives: red vine and aloe vera.

-Enriched with Vitamin E
-SPF 15
-Nourishes, enhances and protects the skin

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Apply the CC Cream on its own or after a hydrating cream, on the face and neck like a classic foundation.

Main actives:
-Red vine: rich in antioxidants, red vine fights free radicals and stabilizes collagen
-Aloe vera: rich in antioxidants and vitamins, aloe vera is an excellent healing ingredient, fights free radicals and prevents the formation of wrinkles

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Tube 30ml


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