Cica Repair Cream

Cica Repair Cream

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Peeling, acne, hypersensitivity and uneven complexion create obstacles on your way to perfection.
We offer a solution to all problems in 1 tool – Moisturizing cream of another level!
The texture of Cica Cream deeply nourishes the skin leaving silky finish.

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Tree tea oil forms a hydrating layer on skin, preventing dryness.
Cooper gluconate and zinc oxide destroy the pathogenic microflora, increase skin immunity, stimulate cell regeneration, promote the synthesis of elastin and collagen.
Centella asiatica extract prevents irritation and skin immune disorder, balances reproducing ability of keratinocyte, stimulates fibroblastic collagen (I&III) synthesis.

How to use: Apply all over and gently rub with massaging movements.

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50 ml

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