Dual Step Hydro Calming Mask “Aloe Vera & Lavender”

Dual Step Hydro Calming Mask “Aloe Vera & Lavender”


Purederm Dual-step Hydro Calming Mask, containing Peeling Gel(Step1) and Aloe Wash-off Mask(Step2), combines the benefits of peeling gel & mask for maximum skin care results.

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Step 1 : Peeling Gel is concentrated with Apple, Lemon & Orange Extract, deeply cleanses pores, gently exfoliates, removes dead skin cells and refines skin surface.

Step 2 : Aloe has been acclaimed for its calming & hydrating properties for a long time.
Aloe Wash-off Mask absorbs instantly to replenish essential nutrients and protect skin against dehydration for a soft, healthy, luminous complexion.


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