Lyss is a battery powered double-sided skincare brush with cleansing and anti-aging features. It features soft silicon bristles with micro-pulsating technology, which you can control the intensity of. It deep-cleans excess sebum, impurities, dead-skin, and any make-up residue from the pores. It also massages your skin for fine-line and wrinkle reduction as well as optimum night care cream absorption. It is a must-have for your daily skincare routine.


Use it every night for 2 minutes as a part of your skincare routine. The front side is used for cleansing (use high pulsating frequency). The back side is used for massaging the skin, fine-lines, and wrinkles (use low pulsating frequency).

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Use: With only two minutes in the morning and in the evening. LYSS leaves your skin naturally beautiful and bright.

Simply apply your treatment to your face and moisten the LYSS brush before switching it on. After you have cleansed your face, use the other surface of the brush in the low frequency mode to give it a massage.

Suitable for all skin types thanks to the silicone surface.

Five speeds
Wireless, it can be used in water

Rechargeable – Charging time: 1.0 hour


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